The V2500 engine is a diesel engine manufactured by Volvo. It features a turbocharger with an intercooler, which allows for efficient fuel efficiency. The engine is designed for heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles.

The V2500 engine uses a standard rail system for injection, allowing precise fuel delivery with fewer emissions. The standard rail system also reduces the maintenance needed on the vehicle because there is no need to change the oil or filter like with other engines like gasoline-powered ones. You can contact V2500 engine overhaul services if your engine runs into trouble.

The V2500 engine uses two-stroke cycle technology to create power without spark plugs or compression ignition systems. This technology allows for reduced emissions and improved fuel economy while also reducing noise and vibration levels inside vehicles during operation.

The engine is used in medium-duty trucks that weigh up to about 16 tons but can be built for heavier loads if needed. 

The company offers several types of models, including a 12-cylinder version called V12-6; this version has six cylinders arranged in a straight line instead of two rows like most other engines on the market today; however, it does not have an overhead camshaft, so it needs more maintenance than most other types to do due to its high power output but less durability compared with others due its design which makes it easier for parts failure during operation, especially when working under extreme conditions like heavy snowfall or rainstorms where there are more chances for oil leaks due lack lubricant being present inside system components such.

Each wheel rides on its shock absorber, which extends to each wheelhouse. The shock absorber is a spring-loaded device that reduces the vertical motion of the wheel, making it easier for you to steer.

The shock absorber is attached to the wheelhouse with a long, curved stainless steel grating. This allows oil from your engine’s crankcase or transmission pan to flow directly into an internal reservoir as needed during operation.

Each wheelhouse has its air filter housing. The air filter housing is on top of the wheelhouse and is a long, curved stainless steel grating with holes for attaching your air filters.

The center of the wheelhouse has a long, curved stainless steel grating with air filters.

The air filters are attached to this grating with screws that can be easily removed when you need to clean them or change them for a new set of filters.

The ceramic material used for these filters is very efficient at removing dust and dirt from your engine’s intake system.

The parts of a V2500 engine are:

  • Crankshaft and Connecting Rods
  • Piston Rings and Main Bearings
  • Cylinder Heads (including valves)

On the top of the wheelhouse are the water flow hoses, conduit, and other components:

  • Water flow hoses
  • Conduit
  • Other components

On both sides of the wheelhouse are side intake plenums that house all the cooling system components for each wheelhouse. The engine air intake and all other accessories, such as oil coolers and heater cores, are located in this area. These plenums are made from stainless steel because it has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand high temperatures without rusting or being damaged by acids in fuel or engine oil.

On both sides of each wheelhouse are two radiators housed in an aluminum block with an internal valve core (VBC) jet pump.


It’s imperative to have your V2500 engine regularly overhauled, so check back to the best V2500 engine overhaul services. The V2500 engines are used in various commercial vehicles, buses, and trucks. You may encounter this engine daily if you drive a truck or bus.