In the scooter market, Hero is finally ramping up its game. The 2021 Maestro 125 cc boasts a digitally smart dashboard with Bluetooth connectivity and a handful of design tweaks. This improved update has automatically paved the way for the brand in the 125cc scooter industry. There are currently 125 different Hero Maestro Edge variants on the automobile market. The Maestro 125cc is available in six different configurations. Regular, front disc, Stealth Black, the revolutionary drum, disc, and linked model. The drum variant of this scooter has an affordable starting market price. Some of the parts of this scooter include: side stand, grip set, silencer guard, speedometer, tail light set, rider foot rest, fuel tank cap, no plate, spark plugs, engine oil, air filter, side view mirror, gear set, brake shoe, cylinder kit, kick lever, battery, final drive oil, clutch oil, and clutch plate.

A detailed review to help you decide

Hero MotoCorp’s attempt to grab the booming 125cc scooter sector was successful with the Maestro 125cc. Yes, other brands have been on the market for a while, but they are a little more expensive and are aimed at individuals with style consciousness. This is especially for those who want something more special and statemental. According to its manufacturer, the Maestro 125 cc has been designed to be an easy-to-ride, comfortable, and high-performance scooter. A few hours in city traffic revealed a lot about its characteristics. On first impression, it seems similar to the older version. Meaning, the Maestro look has been kept, but in a more clever way. While the Maestro 125’s sharp and angular panels are still visible, they have been neatly packed to minimize its perceived bulk. As a result, both the front and side panels are fitted into the frame in a compact manner. The back, on the other hand, retains its substantial appearance. There’s also the dual-tone paint effect.

More info to note

  1. The exterior panels are painted one color while the seat, floorboard, and plastics around the instrument cluster are painted another. This was done to offer the Hero a more premium look and feel on the road.
  2. The manufacturing company placed a lot of emphasis on performance and features when designing this scooter. The Maestro 125 is one of the most powerful scooters on the market thanks to the same concentration. It’s also the segment’s first scooter with fuel injection.

The Maestro 125cc doesn’t provide anything groundbreaking in terms of features. It still has adequate under-seat storage, external fueling capability, and two baggage hooks. There’s also light in the boot with an active USB charging port beneath the seat. In the end, you will love riding it no matter what. The features are ideal enough to keep you from having a good time in town as you ride through the traffic and watch the cars behind you.


All of the criteria are checked for the Maestro 125cc. It is attractive, has a powerful 125cc engine, and is loaded with practical and useful features. It also has fuel injection, making it a one-of-a-kind scooter. There‚Äôs also the Maestro Edge 125’s price, which makes it an attractive proposition. The Maestro 125 might have earned the value-for-money label. Thus, it would only work if the manufacturing company had fitted it with a current high tech instrument cluster as well as an LED headlamp.