If you are moving or going on a trip and cannot bear the thought of leaving behind your beloved motorcycle, then you should look for a decent motorcycle shipping service provider that can offer you the incredibly handy service of having your motorcycle transported to wherever you are going.

When looking for the ideal motorcycle shipping service provider, you should first conduct extensive research on them. Ship A Car Inc. has been shipping vehicles for a good many years and is the best motorcycle shipping company in the USA. It has good networking with the transporters throughout the country.

The following are a few tips for searching for a good shipping company for your motorcycle.

  • Shop around

Do research on the internet and look for the motorcycle shipping companies with a better review from BBB and many other forums available on the net.

  • Check whether they are licensed

Make sure that the company is licensed for delivering motorcycles from one place to another and they are ready to show their license or display on their website.

  • Do they ship a motorcycle?

There can be many transporters shipping various vehicles, but not everyone will ship a motorcycle. So, you must ensure that the company is ready to ship your motorcycle.

  • Will they cover your area?

Check whether the transporter has the network in the area where you are currently living as well as the location where you are planning to move your motorcycle.

  • Are they reputed enough?

Have you heard the name of the company from many people? Do they say high about the company and their services? Make sure that company that you select has a good reputation on the market.

  • Do they offer any warranty?

A good and reliable transport company will surely offer a warranty about their service in writing. If the company does not offer any warranty then reject them.

  • Check their type of transport

Check the conditions of the transport that they will use for shipping your motorcycle. Are they well maintained? Do they have enough space to accommodate?

  • How will they ship your motorcycle?

Check whether your motorcycle will remain protected from various weathers while it will be shipped, or will it remain exposed and open?

  • Do they respond well to your inquiry?

Check whether the customer service of the company is responsive and replies satisfactorily to all your inquiries that you make through telephone or email. Whether they will keep you posted about the status of shipping.

  • Quality of transport and other machinery for loading/unloading

Besides looking at the conditions of their transports, you must also try to look whether their various loading and unloading equipment is well maintained and modern.

  • Do they offer insurance for your vehicle?

You must be concerned about safety and ensure that your motorcycle remains in perfect condition during transportation. So, find out whether they will insure your vehicle while they are transporting it. What will happen if your motorcycle developed a scratch or dent mark?

Hope this article proved to be useful to you.